Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so long, Kolkata!

It was March 30th, the day before we were to leave for Malaysia and also the day of the India-Pakistan semi-final cricket match.  J. suggested we invite all of our friends over for a goodbye-to-us/World Cup party.  We decorated and the flat and brought it some pizzas and since it might as well have been a national holiday, most everyone had the day off.  Almost everybody we invited showed up. 

It was so much fun and...India won!  I wish I could have recorded the roar from outside when they did and I kind of wish we'd been around a few days later when they won the final!  Goodbye, dear friends, we miss you already!

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graMoM said...

what great photos of you and friends! i showed it to your friends' friends here at our office. just for fun!