Monday, June 29, 2015

Just another evening hanging out at the beach...


Happy 11th, L.!

For her birthday, L. requested a day trip to Managaha islet.  

It is about a 20 minute ferry ride out to Managaha from Saipan.  Locals can ride free, if you book in advance.  (I have written about how to do that over here.)

The snorkeling is fantastic, the water crystal clear, and there is nothing to do but relax, swim, or build sandcastles.  Ridiculous views, folks, just ridiculous.
Every single time we take this ferry, I am tempted to jump
into the water with my snorkel and mask.  I mean really.  Look at that water!!

Even the plumeria (or "frangipani") are better on Managaha!
 Okay, so these flowers are beautiful in all color patterns.  And they smell Wonderful.  I found a local perfume made from these but nothing beats the real thing.

catching "hermies" is a favorite pass time of the kids'.  They never get tired of collecting the
little guys and even build elaborate "castles" for them.


And then it was time to leave.  So long, little Managaha paradise.  Until next time.

We had a yummy dinner at the "360 restaurant," a revolving restaurant in a small skyrise.  And special treats for birthday girls (who get embarrassed when the staff sings to her, but secretly loves it)

The 360 is a Geocache site and we hunted for awhile before we found the very cleverly-concealed cache.  It had been more than 2 years since the last folks had come through looking for it so we were determined to get our names on the list, and we did.  

But wait, there's more.  The "party" part took place on a different day.  L. had requested a hike down to Forbidden Island and a snorkel swim there and then a sleepover with friends...

The theme of the party was "bling"

...and mustaches??

Cake, sleepover and night swim.  Saipan-style birthday party for our oldest 11 year-old!

Monday, June 15, 2015

8, 9, 10

(see here for last year, etc.)