Tuesday, November 24, 2009

visit to Grammie & Papa's

We arrived at Grammie and Papa's house yesterday. The kids are ecstatic. They have a great big house, lots of toys, (plenty of yummy snacks) and some tricycles and little cars in the backyard for the kids... It's preschool heaven.

It is fun to find photos around the house of Jeremy and his sister Meredith as babies and toddlers because there are some family ressemblances I can find in my three, especially BR and A. There is a wall upstairs dedicated to family portraits of Jeremy, his sister and his parents. The photos span the years from the time Meredith was a baby and Jeremy a toddler (he is older) up through the highschool years.

A. was particularly excited to show me all the photos. She recognized Jeremy's mother so she dragged me over to "come and see pictures of Grammie!" Well, what about the other three people in each picture? I asked her. Who else did she recognize?

Demonstrating her complete lack of understanding of linear time and the chronological nature of the aging process: "It's Big BR and Little A.!"

Sunday, November 22, 2009


they're all the rage right now. youtube's got some great clips of domino creations, and the kids were inspired.

take a picture, mom!

There is a little tension about the blog around here these days. If the mama happens to laugh about something someone has said, they usually squeal, "Mommy!! Don't put that on the ba-log!!"
On the other hand, if they do something they find really funny or clever, it's "Put that on the ba-log!"

So I can only publish with permission.

It has meant for a bit more quiet on this site than we've been used to. But if I know kids (and I like to think I know a little about them by now) this will soon pass, as all phases do.
In the meantime, here is some of the usual silliness.

pyjama shenanigans:

a breakfast moustache:

(dedicated to Julia, who loves to laugh at my kids almost as much as I do.)

Friday, November 13, 2009

all 3

Me: "L, you are always the last one buckled in. Look, A. beat you to it, that makes you the loser!"
L.: "No, that makes me the winner of the losers."

We were trying to be sneaky, but A. wasn't fooled...
L.: "Mommy, can we have C-A-N-D-Y for dessert?"
Me: "Oooh, how about some I-C-E C-R-E-A-M instead?"
A: "We can't eat letters for dessert!"

BR: "Let's do ring around the Rosary!"

just TRY not to smile

Monday, November 9, 2009

mad craft girl

During the snowstorm we had over L.'s school fall break, she didn't waste any time. I keep finding, around the house, more and more of the pictures and crafts she worked on during that time.
(Roaring Dragon)

(dragon tail and arms and feet)

(a tight-lipped pumpkin, of course)


And last, but not least, here are the pages of L's manuscript about poobas. You might remember that "pooba" are this family's silly word. Sometimes the kids are poobas, sometimes we go to a "pooba playground," and sometimes we think we might have spotted a pooba, although we can't be sure.

L. thinks she knows what they look like, though. Here are the pages she stapled together to create her "Pooba Picture Book":

note that Pooba children are born with wings that eventually fall off with age...

And what do Poobas do, you ask? Well, I got her to interpret some of the images for me: they like to think about how they don't like mushrooms, they get angry, they wonder what they would look like with legs and feet, they are surprised that they are upside down. They have busy lives.

special guest appearance

(again. because i just can't resist)

Friday, November 6, 2009

things I don't like to hear first thing in the morning (or ever, actually)

"Mommy, look! There's poo!"

if you are 2 or 3...

..you might love this video. (it includes a tutorial)

dedicated to: Olivia L.

The Adventures (slash Madness) in store for 2010-2011

Daddy will graduate this coming June (woohoo!) and we have been job hunting for the last few months. Earlier this week he accepted an offer for an "Fellowship in International Medicine" which would split his first year out of residency between New York and Chennai, India. He will work regular shifts in the ED in NY and do a bit of the same in India, but mostly train Indian Resident physicians. Emergency is a brand new field in India, so he would be helping to train some of the very first Emergency physicians in the country, which is extremely fun.

We hope to spend the summer in NY next year, then go over to India for a solid 6 months. We will return to the US in April to work the rest of the shifts he will need to complete his year. It involves a little bouncing around, but we have housing set up in NY already, so we will only need to live out of suitcases for a few months of the year.

Now, I know the first question on everyone's mind is: will one of us become a Bollywood star? We can only hope.

You are probably also concerned that the family blog will disintegrate into snapshots of exotic animals and spice markets during the months abroad and the blog author will fail to keep the purity of the blog as we know it, focusing only on the three little protagonists of this site.

Will we get to see a photo of all three of the kids in native dress? you wonder.
Will they tell me about all the strange foods and animal parts that are considered edible in India?
Will 7 yr-old L. write a book about her experiences with a full treatment of the socio-political climate of Tamil Nadu in historical context in the introduction?

Perhaps more importantly, Will the author of the blog keep her sense of humor intact and carry on the public mockery of her offspring in the way in which we have all become accustomed?

I can only hope that we here at RandB will be able to live up to our readers' high expectations.

(admit it, we've all been dying to see Aishwarya on this blog)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

extra dorky

I especially like the way the sweater hoods were tucked into the hats...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


(that's the happy-creepy way of saying that)

A. dressed up as Tigger this year and L. was a pink unicorn pegasus (of course).

BR insisted on being a truck for Halloween. I think the highlight of the whole evening was watching him waddle around and try to make his way up and down stairs in his costume.
Oh wait, no: the highlight was watching him try to figure out how to get the candy from one hand into the treat pail held by the other hand.