Monday, March 31, 2014

in which BR turns 7 and requests a "tornado themed" party

Daddy whipped up this tornado made of streamers right before the party and it really spun around without shredding making a cool funnel effect!  We also had clusters of white balloons all around, to serve as "clouds."

This was a game I  invented: 2 minutes to nibble a
large marshmallow into the shape of a tornado.  Ready,
Set, Go!

My go-to crepe paper game at all birthday parties: this time the idea
was to race to make your teammate into a tornado

"spin around the bat"--another tornado themed game (no hands!)

Tornado cake!  (Daddy decorated)
Our kids had a real "meta" concept for the "Pin the --" game (another go-to around here), and they requested that we pin the donkey into the tornado, which would then be pinned to the Earth which would be pinned to the Solar the Galaxy...and so on.  But we said, Uh, no, thanks. We already bought tornado snacks and built a bunch of props.
"Pin the donkey onto the tornado" will do just fine, thankyouverymuch.
Happy Birthday to our little ham.

And then, when everyone got truly wild, we sent them out to the backyard to destroy boxes (tornado style) and generally run wild.  Overall, a tremendous success.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

look who showed up out of the blue (I mean, off the Rez highway)

And since they were in the neighborhood, we talked them into a hike on one of our fave trails.
A. grew especially fond of Great Aunt Sharon whilst in Ca.
recently and so was especially ecstatic at the surprise visit

The kids were Champs. 
(So were Mom and Grandma, of course)
We are secretly hoping they will stop again on the way back...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meanwhile, back on the farm...I mean, in Disneyland...

 While their parents were in India, the kids got to visit Disneyland with Papa and Granny!

A. celebrated her 8th birthday while in Disney!

The kids had a great time and have not stopped talking about it since! 
(Literally.  They don't stop talking about it.)