Monday, September 26, 2011

he is learning

BR started preschool.  He goes for less than three hours on weekdays but he is learning a LOT.  He is learning to write his own name and he also is learning to draw (photos to come).  The other day I was commenting about how he is the first of the kids to attend preschool and how well he is doing and blah blah and L. was quick to explain: "We didn't go to preschool because we are smart."

Well, he might not know what some seven year-olds know, but he does love to learn and to share what he has learned. "Mommy, did you know that Santa lives up Papa's nose?"  (Ok so he didn't actually learn that one at school.  He swears that Grandpa Tom told him that while at the beach reunion.)
Me: "Wait, do you think it's called the 'Nose Pole'?"
Him (with a look of utter disdain): "Of COURSE not."

He's got plenty of questions, too.  Like, "Why are pickup trucks so famous?" 
Me:  "Uh, what do you think 'famous' means?"
Him: "That people like it alot."
Me: "Ok. So people like trucks because they are useful.  You can carry lots of heavy loads--"
Him, interrupting: "Oh I know.  It's because they can carry lions and monsters and stuff."

He even knows how to find out the answers to questions you might not know.
Him: "Mommy, where's that weird noise in the kitchen coming from?"
Me: "Uhh...I don't know.  But I can probably figure it out."
Him: "That's okay, just google it."

In other news, he has also been taking a martial arts class.  It meets three times a week and he LOVES it.*  He's not too bad, either, and the other kids seem a little, uh, timid about being paired with him during the sparring sessions.  He's really into it, we'll just say that. 

he earned his belt last week finally and there was a little ceremony when they handed it over.  It was darling, but don't tell him that.  (Tell him he looked tough and awesome.)

Anyway. He loves martial arts and he loves school and between those two, and having a stable place to live at last, he seems to have (finally, finally) grown out of those exceedingly terrible threes (during which he did in fact pretend to be not-so-smart). 

We are very proud. 

* sidenote: the class is held in a rollerskating rink straight from 1987.  It's totally rad.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

so much for MY post

The time I had planned to spend writing up a new post is now gone.  I spent all of it laughing my way through a new blog I just discovered (thanks, Maria!).  I especially liked her series on life before-and-after parenting: like this one on waiting alone in waiting rooms

Tee hee.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall is Fun! (a poem written by L.)

Fall is fun and Summer is done.

Kids outside play football,

Tired trees rest on the wall.

Children jump in the leaves;

Leaves fall off the trees.

Everybody thinks of Halloween,

That is our only dream!

(We also like ice cream.)

We can’t wait to go on skates

As we peer through the drapes

(waiting for snow.)

more poems over at Kris'!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Wild West Day

It's our mayor, playing sheriff for the day.  He's throwing
tomatoes onto the taco from up high in a cherry picker

we got to eat some of the largest taco for lunch!

Billy the Kid

"oh, Mommy, can you buy me some?"

Monday, September 12, 2011

hand-me-downs from P-roc

the girls decided to dress up in BR's pjs one night

Sunday, September 11, 2011

look, we have friends!

labor day picnic:

And here's another really fabulous thing: many of us live within walking distance of each other!  We see each other as we walk by on the way to school, on our way downtown to the library or farmer's market...

look at our cute little tiny farmer's market!

...we trade babysitting and produce from our gardens (ok, I am more on the receiving end of that one), and we try to support each other when we model at local Western Wear fashion shows (again: they model and I show up and clap).

this is Amanda.  (she has a very, very cute 8 week old baby)

L. is one of the oldest of the kids.  She keeps an eye out for the littlest ones

Some of the guys are mountain bikers so Jer is in good company. 

He signed a two-year contract at work the other day so it's official: we get to stay here. We are so happy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

an enthusiastic little scholar

A. is still firmly convinced that Kindergarten is the best thing that ever happened to her.  When I go in to wake her in the morning, she leaps out of bed and rushes to get dressed, no matter how sleepy she may be.

We learned today that a spot just opened up for BR for the morning Preschool class.  A. decided it was her job to prep him for his new life as a student.  She sat him down, crosslegged on the bed across from her, then she held up some cut-outs one by one and drilled him on his shapes and colors.  When he lost interest, I overheard her soothing teacher-voice: "Caa-alm and Qui-et."  It didn't work, so she tried again: "Give me five.  (That's when everyone is supposed to hold up their hand and pay attention.)" She carried on with the shapes identification lesson, and then: "It's called a 'trapezoid.'  That can be your Amazing Word, BR!"

At one point later in their conversation, I had to interrupt: "BR, if you say 'poop' one more time I am going to have to give you a consequence."

A.: "Mommy!  You just said 'I am!'  Those are my sight words this week!"

Friday, September 2, 2011

she got to be "Line Leader" one day

the rule is, the rest of the class has to sketch the Line Leader, so A. came back with about 20 of these.