Sunday, September 11, 2011

look, we have friends!

labor day picnic:

And here's another really fabulous thing: many of us live within walking distance of each other!  We see each other as we walk by on the way to school, on our way downtown to the library or farmer's market...

look at our cute little tiny farmer's market!

...we trade babysitting and produce from our gardens (ok, I am more on the receiving end of that one), and we try to support each other when we model at local Western Wear fashion shows (again: they model and I show up and clap).

this is Amanda.  (she has a very, very cute 8 week old baby)

L. is one of the oldest of the kids.  She keeps an eye out for the littlest ones

Some of the guys are mountain bikers so Jer is in good company. 

He signed a two-year contract at work the other day so it's official: we get to stay here. We are so happy.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! So happy for you :)


Kris Livovich said...

Congratulations on the friends and on the contract! Looks like fun around your parts.

kit said...