Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekend in Santa Fe

There is nothing quite like spending the weekend with good friends.

They took us hiking outside of the city, and to some fun spots inside the city.  They fed us good food and showed us around their neighborhood and let the kids take turns flying a toy drone.

We slept hard and we played hard, until we had to say goodbye.

I took advantage of the good weather to give a short little triathlon a try.  It ended up not being as short as I had expected, but it was fun times.  I would do it again, despite some long climbs (phew).

The kids even got a drawing lesson while I was away.  Steve taught them about "negative space."
They also built a fort in the "desert" and had a water fight and watched a movie together and discussed their favorite reads.  They are really comfortable together; it's fun to witness.

Thank you for having all eight of us all together, Kari and Steve.  Watch out---if you keep treating us so good we may just come back again and again...