Thursday, November 19, 2015

Homeschooling-on-Saipan Blog

A friend requested that I leave a link here to the blog I kept while homeschooling in Saipan during the 2014-2015 school year.  Here it is, and it should all display on a single page, with the first entry showing up at the very bottom, in case you want to scroll up and read chronologically.

I crafted our curriculum for the year myself so that we could properly take advantage of what was around us, as well as our travels.  We learned a lot about the ocean, and about mapping.  For the ocean unit, we incorporated science, history, art and literature into a months-long study of the sea.  There was a case study on hermit crabs, in order to understand the interrelations between sea creatures, and then of course to more fully appreciate the effects on life in the ocean from environmental change, degradation or pollution.

You will find that I included plenty of reading recommendations on various topics throughout the blog, though some entries such as this post are entirely devoted to tips on good books.


(Oh, and one final note: In case you found this post through a search engine and are simply looking for information on the legal requirements about homeschooling in Saipan or the Northern Marianas, I wrote a post especially for you here.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year, we had a dragon rider, the school principal, and Donald Trump

A. changed into a martial arts fighter for trick or treating,
since she figured that outside of school, no one would get the joke

Face painting that BR got at some fair

The kids' school hosted a "trunk or treat" event and I decorated our car simply, but with a twist...

See that guy peeking out from behind the black cloth?  Well, when you reach in for candy, he may grab your hand and startle you, or you may end up with a handful of oozy (gummy) worms, or maybe applesauce...  This was a HIT with the kids at school.  Several just stayed in the line so they could reach in over and over and over again...

Some neighbors carved this "Seahawks" pumpkin, ha ha!