Wednesday, July 31, 2013

in which they visit some interesting places and camp along the way

a trip we took back in early June:


A. especially enjoyed the Jr. Ranger programs at all the parks
 Carlsbad is a hundred caves of aMAzing:


the Carslbad flight program, where you wait for the bats to emerge at dusk is really fantastic.  Where else do you find a few hundred people from around the globe sitting in complete silence, waiting for wildlife to do its thing?

Guadalupe National Park:


El Capitan

White Sands National Monument:

White Sands was so cool, we decided to go back during the day time

It is very bright, and hot

the desert almost got the best of us 

but we made it home, safe and sound and dusty and tired.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Hammy Haiku


                                                        cute tiny fuzzball
                                                   gnaw gnaw gnaw on her cage bars
                                                        awake in the night

This Is Nibbles 2 (by L.)

                                              Isn't she CUTE!?!?!?

This Is Nibbles (by L.)

need & greed

After a recent conversation with another mom about attending to the needs of our small children, I did a little check-in with BR.

"BR, do you think you get enough attention?"
"You don't?  Do you want me to pay more attention to you?"
"Give me money.  Really, I meant it.  Give me money."