Saturday, January 14, 2017

2016, in photos

 Usually, on a regular day, we go to school and do grocery shopping and tidy up the living room, and take turns doing the dinner dishes and all that stuff.  Those moments are never very photo worthy, but they still get an honorable mention here.

Now for the highlight reel:

Phoenix 1/2 Marathon

Winter road trip to Phoenix to start off the year

Lots of flying this year. Lots.

Big skies and desert hikes in the Southwest. I never get tired of those views:

We made it to Italy for our 10th anniversary, only a couple of years late.

NYC for a couple of days

Northwest stopover on our way even further west.

June: back to our island home

new view

same friend

same monkey

Shanghai trip (for J.)

summer relay triathlon

the tropics

also the tropics

Glad we brought bikes with us to the island this time around

that other trip to Italy

a touch of Morocco, in Italy!

tapping into that tourist money: lemonade stand at Bird Island

Korea trip, Fall 2016
HUGE lobster

cat cafe in Seoul. A favorite.

Ah, this island...

Oops, try not to park on rebar next time, Claire

praying mantis head

Vietnam trip

more monkeys

practicing the "preteen-glare" (L. has perfected this one)

Grateful for a good year. Here's to the next one!