Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall is Fun! (a poem written by L.)

Fall is fun and Summer is done.

Kids outside play football,

Tired trees rest on the wall.

Children jump in the leaves;

Leaves fall off the trees.

Everybody thinks of Halloween,

That is our only dream!

(We also like ice cream.)

We can’t wait to go on skates

As we peer through the drapes

(waiting for snow.)

more poems over at Kris'!


Jenn 'n Glen said...

That is so sweet!

graMoM said...

ah yes, snow in the desert... is it gonna happen or will there be a return to Chicaga??

Anonymous said...

Good job, L! I loved your poem!! I give you an A+

Kris Livovich said...

What a great poem, L! It captures fall perfectly. We are going apple picking this weekend to kick off fall. What are you doing?

L. said...

Yeah guys,
I know,it was fun writing
that poem.

leia said...

woah. lucy. that was good.