Monday, November 9, 2009

mad craft girl

During the snowstorm we had over L.'s school fall break, she didn't waste any time. I keep finding, around the house, more and more of the pictures and crafts she worked on during that time.
(Roaring Dragon)

(dragon tail and arms and feet)

(a tight-lipped pumpkin, of course)


And last, but not least, here are the pages of L's manuscript about poobas. You might remember that "pooba" are this family's silly word. Sometimes the kids are poobas, sometimes we go to a "pooba playground," and sometimes we think we might have spotted a pooba, although we can't be sure.

L. thinks she knows what they look like, though. Here are the pages she stapled together to create her "Pooba Picture Book":

note that Pooba children are born with wings that eventually fall off with age...

And what do Poobas do, you ask? Well, I got her to interpret some of the images for me: they like to think about how they don't like mushrooms, they get angry, they wonder what they would look like with legs and feet, they are surprised that they are upside down. They have busy lives.


Anonymous said...

This would make a great children's book!

p-roc's mom said...

P-rock is cracking up.

He says it looks like Skippy Jon Jones with no arms, wrapped in toilet paper. He said maybe that's what she was thinking of, cause they read that book at the family reunion "where we ate the crabs".

He's still giggling.

Anonymous said...

good stuff.


Christine C. said...

Wow-those are awesome! Looks like Lucy's quite the little illustrator :) Maybe I'll be working for her some day.