Thursday, May 5, 2011

after we left India...

I took a bunch of photos and video clips of some insignificant things that had become very important in a short 4.5 months. I have images of a shower stall, a city park, a bakery, the whole family taking a stroll down a real sidewalk...things we had been missing.

Mostly, though, we have all missed silence.  Anyone who has spent longer than a few weeks in an Indian city will know what I mean, so I made this for Stephanie and Paul and Jen Van O. and Catherine T. and anyone else who needs to breathe in thirty seconds of quiet in the outdoors:

(filmed in Austria, near Salzburg)


Jenn 'n Glen said...

All I saw was beautiful tree footage...then HONK HONK HONK!!! Guess there is no escape for me but thank you...that was refreshing!

clairesd said...

ha ha, Jen. I thought that might happen. You'd have to put those soundproof headphones folks use on airplanes to find silence where you are...Oh well.