Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Link-guide to our Spring '11 World Tour

Since this blog is part entertainment for family and friends, partly an excuse to brag, part family scrapbook and partly an excuse to publicly shame my children for their misdeeds (they deserve it), I went ahead and uploaded way too many photos of the last couple of months.

For those who want to read the whole story, it starts here, with an explanation of why we decided to travel in the first place. You will have to backtrack to May 11th and then follow the pages up (if you want to follow chronological order) because I still can't get Blogger to show more posts on a single page.

For any of you who want to just take a few peeks here or there, here are the links to individual posts:

Last night in Kolkata
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, #1, #2 and #3.
Langkawi Island, Malaysia
Rothenberg Germany and its infamous Criminal Museum
Sights on the Romantic Road (in Germany) and why rest stops in the US don't even compare
Salzburg, Austria and the most gorgeous lake I've ever seen
Brooklyn, NY
In the Pacific Northwest, for now

And here are a few bonus links, just for fun:

Why we went to India and NY in the first place (I needed a reminder)
Road trip to Brooklyn from Colorado 2010, day 1 (with no A/C.  In June.  In a Jetta.  Remember that?)
First day in India (with crowds of thousands to welcome us, yikes)
and What it is really like to travel to and from India with kids  (this one is not funny)

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