Saturday, May 14, 2011

first stop in Germany: Rothenberg ob-der-Tauber

On the return trip from India, we extended our layover in Germany.  It was Jeremy's first visit and for nine whole days the sun was shining.  No wonder he was in love.

Rothenberg is a real medieval town, original wall and fortifications and all. 

our adorable little hotel served breakfast and we had assigned tables--so cute!

look, a bicycle-rickshaw!

Rothenberg is a very, very quiet town.  Even so, there were still traces of the War, not least of which the memorial to those deported during the Holocaust in 1939.  They uncovered a Jewish graveyard dating back to the earliest centuries, but now there is barely a trace of the community that was once here.

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graMoM said...

I love the pose on the viewing tower (or wherever you were brave enough to go with BR who loves to climb...) !! THe sunshine was an added bonus, fer sure.