Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We were in Brooklyn next, just for a few days.  It was mostly sunny there, too, and besides visiting the library and spending some QT with P-roc and family, we also tried to go see the ocean (it wasn't visible from the boardwalk) and Maria treated us to brunch and an early morning Royal Wedding tea party. 

I kind of retired the camera for that week because, honestly, the jetlag was kind of getting to me and I was pooped.  BR fell asleep on my lap at a restaurant one night at 8pm so I guess he was, too.  I wish I had gotten some shots of the neighborhood we were in, though, because it was unlike anything else I had found in Brooklyn.  With houses and lawns like this, and this and this.  People have driveways and yards and long verandas, and the subway is no more than a few blocks away!  The best of suburban and city life all in one neighborhood (don't hate me, New Yorkers for using the "s" word).

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p-roc's mom said...

Hate you? I think we're the first ones to recognize and appreciate (and lust after) the conveniences of the 'burbs. Only people who have been deprived of in-house washers and driers for years can get teary-eyed at the very mention of them. :)

And we think about moving down to Ditmas Park ALL THE TIME. If it weren't such a long commute for my job, and if the schools were better, we'd be there yesterday...