Tuesday, May 17, 2011

roadside stops and parks in Germany & Austria

When it came time to take a break from driving, there was no shortage of beautiful spots to pick from.  We had many sandwich lunches in big open fields and like I said, the weather was perfect. 

During other non-sightseeing hours, we enjoyed the creativity of the playgrounds in both Germany and Austria.  It's like someone handed some architects a bit of money and said, "go build the playground of your childhood fantasies" and then they did. 

Liar.  You know you love it.

look how steep this slide is!  and it tunnels through a hill, too.

We made a rest stop in the city of Ingolstadt which ended up being one of the best decisions ever.  Not only did they have wide open green spaces, but a water playground, traditional playground, flower gardens in bloom and this crazy space exhibit by local schoolchildren. 

My Aunt Page lived for 30  years in Germany and raised her kids here.  Now I know why!

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