Wednesday, May 11, 2011

K.L., Malaysia

I wrote about it earlier here, and here

This city impressed us so much.  Neither J. nor I can remember ever having visited such a pleasant and clean city with so much to offer.  A French tourist we met said that it was the equivalent of a Swiss city in South Asia and Lonely Planet calls it "the most child-friendly city in Asia."  Plus, they speak English, there's fabulous food and it's warm year-round and everything is dirt cheap.  Kolkata friends: it is only four hours away, you must go!

also: sometimes there are nice bathrooms and real shower stalls!

and you can even walk down the sidewalks!

One day, after J. had finished standing in line at the Indian Embassy, we decided to visit a waterpark.  Unfortunately for us (poor, poor us), this one was the only one that was open.  I didn't bring my camera along for obvious reasons, but this is exactly what it looked like.  Well, at least that's half of it.  More over here.  Oh, and besides the waterpark there was a wildlife park and an amusement park and an "extreme" park.  Bo-ring.

They boast the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world and you can bungee jump off of it if you want to (I don't) or ride the zipline over the wave pool. 
But the kids really didn't need any of that.  The water-playground and slides were enough for them. 

It's just too bad that job opportunity didn't work out.

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