Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Langkawi, Malaysia... totally thumbs down.  I hope we never have to go back and never have to eat the horrible grilled fish and satay, or swim at any of the beaches or pools.

although the jellyfish were pretty friendly, we somehow suffered through the rest of it.

we got a rental car and Jer managed not to drive us off the left side of the raod too many times.

Sorry, Whaley, you can't go swimming with us.

(the hotel was pretty strict on this one)

the kids had plenty of time to work on their swimming skills


L. and I loved exploring the rocks and tidal pools and she'd even come over to my way of seeing things (beach > mountain).  At least until she fell and needed stitches. (sigh)

the (insane) Langkawi cable car:

the "A.-launcher":

the "BR-launcher":

next up: the "L-launcher"!

and when we were brave enough to venture into the ocean, we found ways to avoid the jellyfish.

(never actually touching the water is a very effective tactic, in case anyone is wondering.)

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Anonymous said...

yeah Langkawi! you ALL went up, up on the cablecar???
(ahem, I didn't... there was ice cream at the base of it!)