Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are you ready for this...?

The photo recap of April 2011 is about to begin.  It's going to be fun.  But before we get started, I need to give some background on where we went, and why and all that.  I also would like to say that today I went to the grocery store, and on a jog and I read some stories to the kids and I may have done some dishes.  That's it.  You have no idea how happy I am that that's all I have to report.  Traveling the world is fun, but jetlag is not; packing and hauling yourself around on 7 flights in just over 4 weeks is kind of great and all, but just wait until you've tried it with a four, five AND six year old! 

During the last ten days, since we landed in the Northwest on May 1, we have spent time sleeping, napping and sleeping some more.  We needed it.  Stay tuned for the posts to follow to find out why...


So, where did we leave off...in late March we were still in India, right?  Well, the thing about India is that it is in Asia.  So that means that when, through a mixture of inter-and intra-hospital politics and some people just being plain unprofessional and dumb, you now can leave India a full five weeks earlier than planned, should you really go back home right away, or should you figure, "heck, we are only a short flight away from some pretty interesting places.  Why not go explore them?  How about...um, Malaysia?  I'll be there are some great sights and great views and doesn't it have fabulous beaches, too?  And no malaria!"

Turns out, the answer to all is: Yes!  Why, yes it does.  My camera will prove it to you shortly.

So to Kualu Lumpur then on to Langkawi Island for (please don't hate us) another beach vacation.  Then, back to K.L. so we can catch the flight back to Kolkata, so we can catch our return flight to the US.  But wait!  There is a layover in Germany?  Well, isn't that like a free flight to Europe, kind of?  We should stay there for awhile and explore, too!  So we did.

And Germany is so close to Austria so we should visit our good friends there, too...and Venice is only four more hours, so shouldn't we...?  NO.  Someone had to draw the line, and so I did.  No Venice, no Italy.  Not this time.  We need to be sure to arrive back "home" in one piece.

Speaking of "home," we don't have one at the moment.  Most of our stuff is in storage in Colorado in my sister's garage, the rest of it is in the other sister's closet in Brooklyn.  Jeremy has a couple of months of work obligations in NYC, our next destination will be the Southwest, but not until later this summer...

What a fine mess we have created for ourselves here, right?  I know.  (Who comes up with these plans?!?)

Turns out, decent funished short-term housing in a safe neighborhood in Brooklyn and where small children are welcome is not so easy to come by.  I think decent housing in a good neighborhood in Brooklyn is hard enough already--without all the additional factors.  It was much easier for the kids and I to bail, to leave Jeremy to work out his last shifts at the hospital in NY on his own (so long, sucka), while we enjoy the (ahem) extended Spring of the Northwest (uh, tulips in mid-May...?  isn't that a little late?).

So we just stopped in NY for a few days to say hi and bye, collect our belongings and then move along.  One final transcontinental flight and here we are, living with the grandfolks.  We will be here for at least another two months.  Like I said, it feels great to sit still and rest.

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lepetitprince said...

Where are you precisely?We are coming next thursday...to San Diego.Cant wait to hear you over the phone, or get you ...visiting us why not?