Saturday, May 14, 2011

Salzburg, Austria

We drove down to Salzburg, Austria (of Sound of Music fame) to visit our good friends Gordy and Tabita.

below is Hellbrunn Palace and some of her "trick fountains"

watch out, if you sit here and have a meal, there might be a surprise during dessert...

these fountains have been around since the 1600's--very impressive
we love getting soaked!

could Austrians love unicorns and pegasus as much as we do?

(look, trees!  with no crows!)

Gordy in his newly-adopted city
(another unicorn)

this lake has the clearest, cleanest water of any lake I have ever seen

the hills of the Sound of Music
Mozart's birthplace

yup, that's right.  1419

Okay, you guys, check this out: Gordy and Tabita live in about 400sq ft.  It wasn't enough for the seven of us, so what did they do?  They vacated the apartment and let us stay there while they slept in a spare room at their church a few blocks away.  They left the kitchen fully stocked and Tabita even packed snack bags for the kids during all of our outings!  They even volunteered to keep the kids if J. and I wanted to go tour Italy.  Talk about hospitality!  You guys rock.

Tabita was feeling so brave and helped the kids dye some Easter eggs:

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Daddy said...

Gordy and Tabita and Austria all rock.