Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Brooklyn

Two bats (one of whom was a "vampire bat"), a friendly ghost, and a dump truck.

we're happy, not spooky. See?

we also had Charlotte and (baby) Wilbur from Charlotte's web (on the left).

Wait, what's that you say? Where is BR and why was the truck costume empty in that first photo?
Well, our proud trucker wasn't feeling so proud. In fact, he was quite a bit reluctant about the whole thing as you can see...

We had to explain that if you want any treats... need to be willing to put up with some pain and humiliation. No one will give you candy unless you wear a costume, we said.

See? It's not so bad, it's even kind of fun to walk around saying "honk, honk" and make those beeping noises as you reverse into a parking spot to fill up the "bed" of your truck with sweets...

Okay, that worked for about ten minutes.

We ended up carrying the truck costume for the rest of the afternoon until we finally resigned ourselves to the reality that two hours of work for ten minutes of fun is a perfectly acceptable* trade-off for a three year-old. Then we pitched the costume in the trash. *(perfectly acceptable, as long as Mom and Dad do the two hours of work, of course.)
Blood-sucking bats, loads of candy and a trucker without a truck
a happy Halloween for us this year!


Anonymous said...

It looks like LOADS of fun to me!

Billy said...

Nice touch on the blood from L-Bat's prey.

I think R. was just pointing out how stressful it is to drive a truck in the city.

Kris Livovich said...

Poor sad truck. Ditto to the blood on L. Nice touch. She's not scary - if she's a vampire bat she mostly drinks cow or sheep blood, right? But where's the fun in that?!