Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today we are thankful for many things...
...good health and a nice clean place to sleep,
...a chance to rest today (while Jeremy is off apartment-hunting without us) and a better night's sleep,
...not having to worry about meals or laundry (at the moment I am not responsible for either, but as a general rule, we have no actual worries about either), in bloom,

(look, hibiscus!)

...plenty of exotic trees to sit under,

...brave explorer-hooligans, and friends and family who care about their well-being and happiness,

...a calm place to retreat from the hustle and bustle,
(Okay, so this photo does not do this avenue justice. It happened that just as I stepped out to photograph the street outside the guesthouse, there was barely any traffic--no rickshaws or bikes at all, and few pedestrians. But I did not have a chance to stick around because one of the beggars who camps outside the gate spotted me. To get a better idea, of a Cairo street except with streetcars and tons of bikes and people living on the sidewalk.)

...and last but not least, a [new Thanksgiving tradition?] bucket baths/sibling water fights!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving! it looks so beautiful there! glad to see it all, but where are the exotic creatures? we love you. granny

.m. said...

I'm glad you arrived without any travel trauma. I still remember the 30-hour travel days to Indonesia ... and I'm glad I wasn't the parent.

Anyway, I've been thinking of you guys lots. Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Settling In!

.m. said...

PS. I second BR's cheese melt-down. If I thought I had moved to a place without cheese, I would be inconsolable too.

.m. said...
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lepetitprince said...

Happy Thanksgiving.No turkey?Still have the good mood and health.

Christine C. said...

Hi guys! So happy to see all the pictures and see you guys are settling in :) Miss y'all and love you guys-- Happy Thanksgiving!

Mama K said...

They have all changed so MUCH! I can't believe how tall they all are! We missed you all at Thanksgiving this year - not the same without you :-(