Monday, November 29, 2010

moving, again

We found an apartment and signed for it yesterday so today we move, again! It is a really nice quiet three bedroom flat, with a couple of balconies, and extremely pleasant. It is in a complex of highrises with a big green area in the center for the kids to run around and even some playgrounds, too! It's away from the center of town, but only a cab ride away so we still have the option to come in for sightseeing, shopping, or whatever.

We are excited to settle in (and live out of dresser drawers instead of suitcases for the first time since August!), but it will be sad to leave the community of people here at the guesthouse. We have met such interesting folks here, many of whom are volunteering at various homes or shelters around the city and they come back with interesting tales and perspectives to share in the evenings. We intend to keep in touch with those who are here for longer visits.

I don't have any new exciting photos to post today but I did not want to leave you with nothing, so here is a shot of the kids and I outside of P-roc's place in Brooklyn the last time we moved, just about 10 days ago. We were about to get in the cab to JFK and saying goodbye to everyone who came to see us off at brunch (including Judy B. whom I hadn't seen for maybe 13 years!). It was a lot colder there:

We'll be back once we get internet hooked up in our new place, hopefully by tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

It sounds great! Can't wait to see pictures! Love to my gkids!

lepetitprince said...

so happy for you.I was surprised by your warm clothes in India, until I read the post and get it.Keep the tune on.