Thursday, November 11, 2010

an autumn weekend in nyc

Last Saturday, we visited with B & C and they made us banana pancakes (yum!).

A. enjoyed climbing all over Billy

over and over

and over again.

hi Oola!

Then on Sunday morning, we watched the marathoners as they came through our neighborhood.
The kids took photos.

our new friend Seana (in the blue coat) came to help us cheer them on. We were so inspired to get up and run, but then we decided to camp out in front of the donut shop and munch on bavarian cremes instead.
Look at these guys! They are so amazing! (the shot on the right are the elite male runners--they were so fast it was hard to get a good shot of them).

We were all ready to kick back and relax on Sunday evening, but then this happened:
That is a picture of me prepping Jer for "stitches."
He gashed his head on a very sharp thing but it just so happened we had some dermabond on hand. Lucky me, I got to play doctor. (Yuck. Some of us don't actually like blood, you know!) The barrettes are my improv way of keeping his hair back so it didn't get (too much) glue in it.
It is healing quite nicely and I am expecting my medical license in the mail any minute now (that's all it takes to earn one of those, right?).


Anonymous said...

what kind of a med school has pink barrettes???

Jeremy said...

I'm recovering well from my brain surgery. Masterfully done, Claire.

Billy said...

I would like to point out the superb tandem crane kick that A. and I are executing. Sweep THIS leg, Kobra Kai.

Kris Livovich said...

My first thought was - Awww, what a nice daddy, letting his girls do his hair.
Then - Wait? Where is his shirt? That's weird.

Then - Oooh.

Did you cross stitch or embroider?