Wednesday, November 10, 2010

this is for you, Gramom

The girls are learning to swim! This first shot is of A. swimming across the pool, with a little help from her dad.

Here is L. in the red cap doing her "dolphin leap" then swimming to her daddy (yellow cap, tee hee)

In other news, L. learned how to ride a bike over the summer. Age 6 has been big for her!


graMoM said...

SO EXCITING! this graMoM is proud of those two brave girls!
Also love the dad in the yellow cap - very trendy, dad!
{But who's the guy with the barbells in the pool??)

Anonymous said...

So, even though they have their daddy's last name, they have their mommy's last name in their genes!!

leia said...

you're in! no more peeking through barred windows.