Saturday, November 13, 2010

in case you hadn't noticed...

...this is not one of those blogs where you get to see how perfectly decorated my home is with all-coordinated and carefully chosen pieces of handcrafted Scandinavian furnishings, to go along with my half dozen impeccably behaved children who wear only the clothes I lovingly sew for them in all my spare time while they are taking archery lessons.

No, instead we bring you inspiring images such as these of our 10x10 living/dining/homeschooling/third bedroom area.
Well, it was 10x10 but then we had to move that table and all those chairs and the futon in, silly us. Now, there is a very narrow 6 inch-wide space you can (maybe) squeeze through to get to the kitchen, but only if the futon is folded up and pushed all the way up to the wall.

In that first image, you might also notice the discarded IKEA furniture cart on the floor. Someone had been using it to haul around cleaning supplies before breakfast (of course). And that toddler carrying his own (full) cereal bowl toward the laptop...what could go wrong there?

In case you don't believe me about the 6 inches thing, here's another angle as proof:

But guess what? There is something those bloggers do not have hanging on their livingroom wall:

It is a "no poisonous salamanders allowed" sign, of course.

(Oh wait. Does that mean we do coordinate after all...? )


leia said...

i'm in it. i want to be there.

Jeremy said...

Ahh, New York. Twice the rent for half the space.