Wednesday, November 17, 2010

more poetry on Wednesday

We are thinking a lot these days about learning and growth and change. Our poetry selection this week by Emanuel di Pasquale. (check out more at Kris')

The Sun Has a Tail

The sun has a tail
that reaches under the earth
and tickles seeds.
That's what grandmother
once told me.
She says things grow
in laughter.


Kris Livovich said...

Today the girls told a friend at co-op that their mom is "mad a lot lately". I have been. A lot weighing on my mind, so that last line of the poem was perfect for today. Sweet and to the point.

How's packing?

Kris Livovich said...

Glad you got the package. I was a little nervous it would not arrive in time. Definitely save it - it was meant to make the trip easier. Elia has another letter to send, but I don't think it will make it. Do you have another address? Or they can start internet letters - crazy, my 7 yo emailing someone!

Will will be praying for your trip and your transition. I know when we were little my parents made everything into an adventure. I had lots of fun as a kid. I'm sure it was hard for Mom and Dad, but we never knew better. I hope you can do the same for your kiddos. With Love from us to you.