Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We tried to find a beach and instead we went on a long hike (and then finally found a beach)

The title basically sums it up.  Except that it was really much more dramatic than that.  This was before we knew that some of the beaches were so remote that it required a serious hike through the jungle and some steep downhills, to reach them.   I had simply set out one day, with the kids and a map, and thought I would actually end up at a beach relatively soon.
Silly me.
We would never have even found this path except that some other cars were parked in the brush over by the side of the road and we pulled over to investigate.
"Oh, a path!  No problem at all, we'll just follow it"
There were some ropes and vines set up on the steepest parts, to help keep your footing in the mud.
And then you had to pick your way over and under some of these branches (I forget the name of this tree but it is so weird looking!  No leaves!)

Still going...(are we making any progress??)

And finally...sunshine!

And we could see immediately why this beach got its name.

"Old Man By the Sea"


Totally worth the hike in.  And out. 
(It is also worth it to wear some kind of shoe, and not just flip flops.)


tangle said...

That's looking pretty idyllic.

Liz Urtu said...

I want to be there right now. Its 100 something here right now...