Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pose au-Naturel...

I wish I could leave this as a stand-on-its-own post, but we have exactly one solitary blog reader who would get the joke, so I really ought to explain. 
Remember that Saipan is a destination for Japanese, Chinese and Korean tourists (and Russians, too, although I have not seen the Russians keep to the same photographic traditions as the others). Every day we pass by many, many such visitors enjoying a joyride in their rented brightly-painted American-made SUV or convertible (usually a Ford Mustang).  A favorite activity is to drive to an especially scenic point on the island, and then to strike a pose in a sundress--or bridal gown!--with a tropical flower tucked behind an ear, or while leaping in the air, silk scarf blowing in the breeze.  Yes, often the setting is the beach at sunset, but a good portion of the time the car is the main backdrop.  But always, always, the peace sign.  In EVERY photo.
My spoof is not only inspired by the old Keenes, man-shorts, and Dr. Seuss t-shirt I happened to be sporting that particular morning, but also the especially attractive-looking vehicle in our scenic carport, with its busted up fender and headlight.  Busted, mind you, by a careless Chinese tourist driver in his rented bright orange sports utility vehicle (none of us were hurt, thankfully).
L. was right there with me for the photo-shoot, catching the ironic vision:


graMoM said...

you think they'll let you in the club wearing That t-shrt? get your bridal sundress on, girl! nice try!

marilyn said...

When in Saipan do as the tourist do.
You guys look great.