Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunset on the lagoon

J. and I went out on a dinner cruise to celebrate our 11th anniversary.  The boat took us out to a tiny island just offshore where we bobbed around and had dinner while the fishies waited for us to toss them our extras.
(so that's what a 12 mile long island looks like from a couple of miles away)

Korean tourists love to wear matching outfits.  I hope to acquire a
"his-and-hers" set for J. and I at some point...

Managaha Island

looking down through the floorboards of the boat



graMoM said...

Congrats, you look like newly-weds!
(Who did you find to stay with your kiddoes?)

Liz said...

When you find said outfits, please post pictures! ;)

Billy said...

Aww, happy 11th, you guys!

Kit said...

Lovely pictures, Claire.