Sunday, July 27, 2014

[more] signage

a sign in five languages, not one of which is English

we like to think that the Art Man takes all of our garbage away, and then makes art with it

(my favorite is "price of the common" and "newold")

I love this especially because it is at the fake Abercrombie & Fitch store
(attached to fake Levi's and fake Guess)

This is a sign placed in the middle of the lawn at the police station:

I attracted so much attention taking this photo that I got followed by a police car and
questioned later. 
(And what have YOU done for the sake of your art, lately, huh?!?)
This is a commonly found notice in restaurants.

(note the inclusion of a photo of them back when they made homemade soba!)
But WHAT is the reason?!?

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graMoM said...

You no understand. You in not JaPan, Thaicountry or Rushia! Not photo-taking of poLeese or airpourt or train/bus stashion. Not.