Wednesday, July 2, 2014

we have moved!

For the last week, we have been "household shifting" over to the new and permanent island home.
(photo credit goes to L. for this one)

It has a large yard with some fruit trees and tropical flowers and waving bamboo so tall it bends down and rests on the branches of other trees.  It has a large wrap-around porch that is shaded.  The house is breezy and very cool. 


It has a wide open living space that will suit us just fine when it comes time to start schooling.

There is a room for guests in the downstairs area, with a separate bath.  The house itself is not large, but we think it will be just right for our needs for this year.

There is no ocean view, but we get that anytime we leave the house and drive for 5 minutes in any direction.
(did I mention the large lush yard?!?)

Oh, and there is a gazebo.  And a pool.

Yup.  A pool!!!!


ashley said...

I love this house! It seems so perfect for your family! Look at all the green and the trees - such a beautiful yard!

tangle said...


Catherine Saylor said...

It looks perfect!

B Berry said...

What a contrast to your desert home!

graMoM said...

Whaaat?? It looks like a resort - a resort where you can relax Every Day!
I hope, I hope you have a gardener. Someone who will be happy, and skilled-at-tropical-plant-care to take care of that great garden!
(trying no to be jealous!)

clairesd said...

Gramom: yard & pool maintenance are included in the rent, yes. As to it being resort-like, well...not exactly but you're not going to hear us complain! This is quite a comfortable set up for us, with speedy access to a beach nearby with decent snorkeling and also cliffs to jump off (apparently!--according to one of J's colleagues).