Thursday, August 19, 2010

while mama's back was turned...


* In the last 48 hours BR has torn up the neighbor's flowers, crayonned on the walls of our sublet, and painted his toes and toenails with nail polish. All of this in addition to the usual shenanigans.
For anyone who has never had the pleasure of living with a three year old boy, those include: tormenting his sisters, ignoring any instruction or correction from parents or any other adult authority figure, regular potty-training mishaps, pulling his sisters' hair, skipping naps and then waking up extra early every morning (to ensure 24-hour crabbiness), dumping out boxes of toys and books everywhere, throwing toys and books at his sisters, generally being defiant and/or arguing about everything.
Our next sublet does not have a washer or dryer. I have a feeling that the above-mentioned "potty-training mishaps" mean that we will become regulars at the laundromat. Better start saving those quarters.