Thursday, August 12, 2010

and the fun just doesn't stop

We have had visitors and outings galore! Grammy & Papa and Aunt Mer. Our friends Matt & Melanie from California, Christine and Cam, we've seen Maria and even more folks are headed our way soon. The following are some peeks at how we wear them out...

(in case anyone thought of accusing us of not eating enough ice cream this summer, there is plenty of documented evidence)

(L. caught a firefly)


That's about a quarter of it.
I have frequently left the camera behind, so there are actually lots and lots of missed shots of the last few weeks. There have been plenty of other places we've visited, such as Highline Park, which is like this and also like this. And we visited one of the state parks at Fire Island which is "extremely awesome," as BR says, and saw the National Museum of the Native American and Battery Park and Chinatown and Washington Square and the Forbes Magazine Gallery with has 10,000 of these and hundreds of these, and we also flew kites in Prospect Park and saw --aw, heck, there's too much.

I give up, there is just no way I could possibly document it all.

Actually, the truth is that sometimes it's just all too much so we lounge at the pool, or do a lot of this

and this
So there you have it. We are taking full advantage of our summer in the city.
We are still working on finding housing for the Fall and at the moment it looks like we might have no choice but to relocate to the 'burbs (though we're still hoping we won't). As far as I am concerned, there is not much that's good about moving away from Aunt Jerah and P-roc. So we'll try not to complain.
It is small consolation, but least we would be closer to this.


Anonymous said...

Papa and Grammy had such a great time! We also went to Central Park, the subway museum, and the Natural History museum!! But just being with the grankids was the BEST!!!!(oh yeah, J and C, too!!)

Billy said...

I really like the color tones on the ice cream photos, presumably done without even using the Hipstamatic iPhone App! Also, the fire hydrant one looks so classic 1970s New York. The swirly sky one quite nice as well. Photo win.

Billy said...

Also, I really love R's facial expressions; matches some photos we have of him from when he was just a few months old. He's been a grizzled Brooklynite deep down all his life.

Jeremy said...

New boring.