Saturday, August 14, 2010

pen & paper

The kids might occasionally tire of coloring, activity books or stickers. But they never, ever get bored of scribbling something on any piece of paper that might be lying around.
They each have a signature style.

This is BR's "Thunder:"

A. is a master of happy stick people who "love" or are "being loved by" someone.

This next one is a great example: this is "Happy Daddy because he loves A." There are other (identical) ones of A. smiling "because she loves Aunt Jerah."
(You can tell they are "loving" someone is the heart popping out from their heads.)

She tucks the pictures underneath doorways, where we'll find them when we wake up in the morning or after a nap:

This one is of our whole family "loving each other:"

The smiley faces are so great that A. has taken to trying to imitate them. She has told me that she looks just like the pictures she draws when she makes this face:

And L, of course, still loves lists:

and she also writes notes and leaves them around for people (or fairies) to find:

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