Monday, August 23, 2010

egg-spoon races

Remember this one? Well, this time when I tried to come up with something to keep little hands busy so I could make dinner, I also tried to keep the clean-up to a minimum. Unfortunately, I had not anticipated just how many times these hard-boiled eggs would crash and just how many tiny pieces of shell would be spread around the floor.

Oh well, at least we didn't have to bathe everybody or scrub the tub this time around!

(and yes, we've done the whole live-in-your-bathing-suit-all-summer-long thing this year. Lots less laundry to do!)

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Kris Livovich said...

Clothing is over rated. As is laundry. Great idea with the egg/spoon race! You have helped me with tonight's supper - but after your post, I think I'll use potatoes.

Oh, and your India trip! How excited and extremely jealous I am for/of you! Have I said that before? I think I'll be saying it a couple more times...