Friday, August 13, 2010

what it's like to ride the subway with La Loose

"Why does this door say Emergency Exit? Why is it locked? Well, how would you use it in an emergency if it's locked? WHO would unlock it? How would he know when to unlock it? Wouldn't you fall off onto the tracks if you walked out the emergency exit? What kind of an emergency do they mean? What does 'evacuation' mean? Why are there lights on in the tunnel? Does the train run on gas? Do they ever run out of gas? What are all those ads about? What does "lung cancer" mean? Why does smoking cause it? Why don't trains in NY have those things on top like the ones in Denver did? Why does it say 'do not enter the tracks and don't cross the rails'? How many stops are we going? Where are we going next? Are we changing to another train after this one? How long will it take? What will the station be like? Will there be the silver turnstiles or the swingy door things?"

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Obnoxio Technicus said...

I have answers to all these questions.