Thursday, August 19, 2010

India Update

We bought our tickets! November 21 is our departure date; we arrive the 23rd so it will be a nice short flight (ha ha). At least the weather will be much milder by then (we hope).

At the moment we're planning on living in Calcutta for the entire time (just about 6 months). We will stay in a hotel briefly until we can find a furnished apartment. If Jeremy needs to go down to Chennai or to some other city for a week once in awhile, we will all travel with him. And then at some point we'll go spend a week or two in Malaysia for work there! The relationship between the hospital here in NY and the one in Kuala Lampur is new so this is an added bonus that we did not know about before we arrived in NYC. We are pretty excited that we will get to see another part of Southeast Asia! (Translation: Malaysian food is awesome.)

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