Friday, December 10, 2010

need advice from other moms

I think these are flea bites. They are only on the parts of his body with exposed skin. They don't seem to bother him (I don't react to flea bites either), but they look awful . I counted 70 on his face and neck alone. Our housekeeper thinks he has chicken pox, to give you an idea of how they look.
So, I have added flea collar to our shopping list. (jk) I think we may have to do a flea bomb treatment for the whole apartment. Anyone have any tips? I'm not sure his bedspread is washable so I don't know what to do about that. Obviously I can't not treat it, but I need to wash it afterwards if I do... Buy a new one?
(ps: It seems our now-ancient camera has developed that trendy hipstamatic function. I figured out that I am able to take photos that turn out like this one as long as I do it indoors and use the flash. The shots I have taken outside just show up a bright white nothing. But we hear we have a new one headed our way as a Christmas gift...Thank you!)


Anonymous said...

Flea bites are generally bigger. Each one is usually the size of a dime. And they itch like crazy off and on for a week. Unless you have a different kind of flea. But I think they would still itch like crazy. Great Aunt K

Christel said...

Reminds me of chigger bites from my youth (calamine lotion helps).

We kids would get them around our ankle after playing in wild grassy areas. Wouldn't surprise me though if they could hitch a ride and infest a bed.

Anonymous said...

I know a good doctor you could ask.

Catherine said...

Claire, I empathize. If you can, washing all bedding and rugs on hot and drying them in a hot dryer will kill the fleas on the bedspread--you wouldn't need to treat the sheets with chemicals. But definitely the rest of the house. And vacuum all over any chairs and couches and empty the bag outside. I also remember reading to roll up rugs and sheets carefully when you're taking them out or flea larvae can roll off onto the floor.

Jeremy said...

wow, that kid needs a doctor

Jeremy said...

wow, that kid needs a doctor

p-roc's mom said...

eh, my flea bites were generally about that size. i think it depends on your skin's reaction.

have you checked for bed bugs? it would awful if you went all the way around the world away from nyc, (and greenpoint in particular! bed bug central!), to get them in india of all places. you can check in the folds and crevices of the mattress and pillow, run some tape along them or something, and look for little apple-seed-shaped bugs.

but then the solution would be the same: put everything you own through a hot dryer. (are there such things in india?)

i have no idea how to get rid of fleas, though. what does the world wide web say?