Friday, December 3, 2010


A few of you have emailed me about our address, internet connection, whether we can skype soon. I don't really have answers to these yet, but soon I will (I hope). We need to find out whether there is a box# before we can let you know our address. We just got online yesterday and so far it seems that the internet connection thing is spotty during the daytime but seems to be strong in the evenings (which is a better for conversations with the US, anyway). Hopefully can set up some appointments to skype soon!
In the meantime, I hope everyone will pardon our email silence as I am using my online time to blog so that everyone will know we are well!

Finally, but perhaps most important (as I know that many of you have been waiting with bated breath for an update on the box): today the carpenters came back to fix a door and stained the wood of the box to match the surrounding doorframes and woodwork. Phew. What a relief.


lepetitprince said...

it's kind to keep up with all of us through this blog.We'd take our turn for skype next year,after our trip to San Diego.
how is Dr J doing with his patients, in bengali I mean?
take care

kit said...

wow. um. did you let them know that you were hoping to set the box off a bit by staining it three shades lighter than the frame?
i mean, did they think you just had it installed to blend in with the place?