Wednesday, October 13, 2010

what the school day around here is like (more or less)

Here are the girls, applying themselves to their work. A. is working on a collage and L. is (obviously) breezing through some math problems.

And there is BR, loading stuff onto his flatbed and about to ram it into the walls--I mean, drive carefully back and forth throughout the apartment:

It's funny, L. is sometimes very forthcoming and honest with us about her feelings, but with homeschooling we somehow can't get her to open up at all. We feel like every day we need to set aside time to have heart-to-hearts in order to get at all those repressed emotions. Does she enjoy school? How does she feel about subtraction problems?

You really don't have to hold it all in, L...


Kris Livovich said...

That's what it looks like - unless it looks totally different. Seems to be the way it works for us.

Josie and Elia can tell you how they feel about math. They might have to use four letter words though.

clairesd said...

Oh, you mean like "yuck."