Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Poetry Wednesday

Some more poetry silliness, this time brought to you by Shel Silverstein's Runny Babbit.

Runny Huts His Own Cair

Runny gave himself a cairhut
(But he would not admit it).
When his scamma molded him,
He said, "The darber bid it."
So she went to bee the sarber.
The swarber said, "I bear
I did not souch one tingle head
Upon your little hare."

Kugs and Hisses

Runny said, "I'm lonesome,
I feel so glad and soomy.
I need some kugs and hisses--
Now, who's gonna give 'em to me?"
"I will," said Polly Dorkupine,
"'Cause you're cute as a rug in a bug."
Said Runny, "Well I'll kake the tiss,
But never hind the mug."

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Kris Livovich said...

Do you ever accidentally say bad words while reading these poems aloud? Cause I feel like I might slip up, while trying to keep up with all the changing consonants. Those are a lot of fun.

And hey! I saw you comment on Musings of... and realized I don't know you AT ALL. Amazing how self-involved I can be. Always assumed you went from MK to Wheaton to Catholic. Never really asked you about you. Maybe we should be pen pals.

clairesd said...

Kris, you have made a couple of comments recently relating to profanity... Seems like this is a pattern. Poor Lois made quite an impression on your family, I guess. :)