Thursday, October 21, 2010

we do crafts every day

As far as blog posts are concerned, I have almost given up on trying to keep up with all the kids' paper creations. That's fine with me, because the other way to look at this is to realize that in terms of this crazy "homeschooling-on-the-go" experiment we are conducting this year, one of the first lessons has been paper, pen, tape, scissors and some markers are more than enough for creative craft-making. You can just forget everything else. Kids these ages apparently can go nuts with it, so string and foam and googly eyes and all the rest are really just "extras." Besides, they don't recycle as easily anyway (see? I can also be smug about it, too!).
What follows is about a third of the crafts that have been produced over the past week.

Here is the front door of our apartment, made "spooky" for Halloween:

and here is a close-up on that top picture. Be afraid, be VERY afraid:

A letter and number of the week (inspired by the NYC transit system):

BR's "Angry Pumpkin" who is angry because "his sisters were stealing his toys":

A.'s witch:

and finally, L's witch (notice how she is flying on a broom)


Billy said...

I like that the G train gets the biggest emblem.

clairesd said...

But of course, it's Uncle Billy's line!