Thursday, October 21, 2010

at the Cabin

Cousin P-roc's family owns a cabin and some land a couple of hours out of the city. It is so boring. There is nothing to do there and everything is so ugly. A. and I went up there two weekends ago along with P-body and his parents.
Upon arriving, A. ran through the meadow and threw herself on the ground with a big sigh. "I wish I could come here all the time! No, I wish I could LIVE here. No, I wish I WAS P-roc!!" It's too bad it's no fun there at all.

We rode miniature horses:

we played with sticks (of course):

one of us was brave enough to hold a baby chick:

Behind the cabin there is a cemetery that is very cool and spooky (some of us call it the "zombie yard"). The oldest gravestone is marked 1750:

We can hear the coyotes howling at night but at least they stay far away.

Christine visited for an afternoon.
During some spare time, we practiced our "zombie" faces for Halloween:

and we "screamed for pie" in a sound-proof box (our mamas preferred that).

A neighbor has some horses and donkeys and let us come over to feed them carrots. I tried to get a shot of Christine with the horse, but every time she heard the buzzing of the camera, she turned her head toward me. (the horse, I mean)
Uh, move your head, please.

a little more to the left, now...
Other left...

Come on.

Ah. Very nice.

It is getting cold now, so the cabin's wood stoves need some fuel. Here's Aunt Jerah's first attempt to split a log (it's a right shame there isn't any sound. The effects were pretty awesome, but you'll just have to believe me on that one.)
With those skills, there is no fear that they'll freeze to death. You rock, Jerah!
Ohmygosh, I almost forgot to mention the pumpkin catapult! We went to a pumpkin farm and there was a homemade catapult that will pitch a pumpkin of your choosing onto an old pickup after you write the name of your least favorite vegetable (I forgot my camera). The deal was, if it smashes into the pickup instead of the ground, you won't have to eat that veggie ever again. Unfortunately for P-roc, it looks as if he'll be eating lettuce for a long time to come. (A. didn't really understand the idea and she drew a flower on hers.) There was also a pumpkin cannon and that was awesome. The sound effects alone were enough to make any four year old want one for their own backyard (yikes).

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Billy said...

There are two kinds of people in the world; I am definitely on the "Pro" side of the line with respect to tiny miniature horses.