Friday, September 3, 2010

we moved!

As of Tuesday afternoon, we are in a new place in Brooklyn. It is a one-bedroom place that has been converted to a two bedroom by cutting the living space down dramatically. It is roughly 1,000 sq feet less than the previous place and that leaves us with about 600 to romp around in. Hey, that's a lot less to have to clean, right?

There is a table and places to sit--well, besides the floor there were two chairs and an armchair when we arrived. I guess there was also a footstool and a tall kitchen stool but that last one was pretty much worthless except for throwing yourself off of (if you're 3 years old, of course).
We have since acquired a few folding chairs and moved the futon into the livingroom to make space for a blow up mattress in one of the bedrooms, so now we're all set. As J. says, we can invite 3 people over and sit knee-to-knee very comfortably.

The place is really pleasant when it's not too hot (we hope). We look forward to that. The building is quiet, the neighborhood is fascinating (although many of the signs are in Polish so we don't actually know what they mean). And we have roof access! Check it out:

I already miss the convenience of a washer and dryer, but now we get to be legit city dwellers once again. It is all bringing back many fond memories of other city apartments we've lived in over the years.

And this time, it seems we have avoided the whole rowdy neighbors part of living in the city (you know, the ones who like to play Techno music at 3am). This building--and the ones glued up next to it--are very, very quiet and we're enjoying it.

It's just too bad we had to move in and ruin that for everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Great views! What about the kitchen? What is it with yellow walls and Brooklyn?

Anonymous said...

looks very doable with the addition of a big box for homeschool stuff that gets shoved (in a complete mess!) under the table in case of lunch or dinner. what could be more convenient? ; }

.m. said...

Jealous of your views. Maybe its time for us to start thinking about switching woods back for city ...