Saturday, September 4, 2010

heartfelt piety

For bedtime prayers, I encourage the kids to pray for someone every night. Depending on how late it is getting, I let them name 3 or 2 or maybe just 1 person each. But no matter how many folks they are permitted to pray for that evening, it takes FOREVER for them to make up their minds.

This has led to something somewhat unexpected that I don't remember ever doing as a kid: "Ooh, pick me, pick me!" the others beg, and then whoever's turn it is will (just to mess with them) name Cousin Margot or Baby Cash. "Aw, man..."
Or, on the rare occasion when their pleading pays off, there is always a triumphant, "Yes!"

Another favorite part of bedtime prayers is when one of the girls prays for our "excavated" family. They just can't seem to remember the right word and I kind of don't feel like teaching it to them, tee hee.

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