Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homeschool Crafts

This teacher hasn't quite got the hang of "Art time" in our homeschool routine. I have just been pulling out the construction paper, paints, the hole puncher and a roll of tape and saying, "Uh...make something, ok?"

This is one that L. came up with on her own that only requires scissors, pen, paper and tape:

She made them during A. and BR's naptime and very thoughtfully stored them in the fridge until they woke up. They are mint chocolate chip. (See the black marks for the chips?)


Kris Livovich said...

Very cool. I was glad they are ice cream, not carrots as I originally thought. Can't be too healthy.

And if you keep this up they might just get an education.

Jeremy said...

Can she leave a plate of construction paper dinner in the fridge for me for when I get home tonight?