Saturday, September 4, 2010

loyal fans

I'm not real good at web stuff. So I guess no one will be surprised if I confess that I just discovered the "stats" page on the blog. (Is that new or something? how did I never notice that before?)
Anyway, there is a cool map that tells me that our readers are mostly from the Continental US at the moment, but it seems we also have at least one fan from Alaska. (Hi there, Mary! Oh, and Jordana, too, perhaps?) That is very cool.
Other places include: Canada, the UK, France and Thailand (hi, Mom!). Ok, those I knew about.
But how about these: Poland, Mali, Latvia, India, Australia, the Netherlands and oh, China. Too weird.


Molly said...

Managua didn't come up?? Must be because I subscribe in google Reader but I never miss a post! I opened the blog up today so Central America would show on the map :) Abrazos a todos-as!!

Molly said...
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Scars said...

haha :)
Poland is me :D
I read you for some time but I don't know how long.
I really enjoy stories about your family.
And I really adore BR :)
Pozdrowienia = Greetings

clairesd said...

Yup! Nicaragua is now on the list, Molly. Very cool. I know that Emily is not reading us. I will have to give her a hard time about that. Also all my so-called friends in Morocco. Ahem.

Anonymous said...

INdia? who's in INdia b4 u r?

.m. said...

Hey there NY!! Yeah, I love those maps, but sometimes I wish I knew how on earth I get hits from so many utterly random places.

Mary said...

Yes, hi there! Very loyal fan here. You are a great reality check for me - kids really are weird. :) The other day I told one of mine, "Hey! Stop pinching your eyes!" I thought of you. :)