Wednesday, September 15, 2010

her thoughts

Me: "A, whatcha thinking about?"
A.: "I was just thinking about our garden..."
L.: "We don't have a garden."
A.: "I said I was thinking about it..."

Hee hee, I so enjoy it when L. (aka little Miss Say-It-Precisely) gets a taste of her own medicine.


Me: "A, whatcha thinking about?"
A.: "You know."
Me: "Uh, no I don't, that's why I am asking."
A.: "Well, I was telling Daddy this weird thing the other day... It was about a boy who was so tired he went to bed and then slept for a whole night and day (kind of like our daddy) and then when he woke up he had breakfast cause he thought it was daytime, but it wasn't."


Jeremy said...

This story is oddly familiar...

Anonymous said...

does it have a happy ending when the guy wakes up enough to know it is Not morning and has ice cream instead of breakfast???